Joshua Lowery: Intellectual Introductions

G’day classmates, my name is Joshua Lowery. My time at the University of Tulsa has just begun, and I am probably more nervous yet as excited as you are. The opportunities are great, yet the challenges are gigantic. I have had the illustrious advantage of growing up in Tulsa, so even though this whole experience is new, it may not be all that shocking. I love watching football, playing football, hunting, binge-watching TV shows, and even writing computer programs from time to time. However, these activities pale in the shadow of my favorite thing.

Music; as cliche as it sounds, I love music. I have played piano since I was 3 and picked up cello a few years ago. I would have to insist, however, that my musical inspiration comes from movie scores. The pompous fanfares of John Williams, the touching tracks of Michael Giachinno, the soaring moments of John Powell, and many other composers inspire me to write music. Though I come to TU as a music composition major, I also hope to go to into recording and production of the likes of Youtube stars Peter Hollens and the Piano Guys. If all else fails, I hope I could just write one piece that would move just one person. But maybe computer programming isn’t so bad either…


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