Architectural Modularity


“Though a typical essay has, in some sense, a modular structure—with sections, paragraphs, sentences, and words that have a certain amount of independence and can be modified separately—one of the aims of writing an essay is precisely to reduce their independence, to tie these elements together in a sequential, logical manner. So in working with the modularity of new media, students in my course were compelled to adopt strategies that were likely unfamiliar to them”(Manovich)

In the past, houses were made using basic materials such as wood, steel, or concrete. These house were built using primarily one of these materials. As time has progressed, the architectural world has evolved into using modularity. Modularity has become a central characteristic in modern architecture. Modern homes have been known to be constructed from all three basic materials above: wood, steel, and concrete. Particularly, the home above displays the key ideas of a modular  structure that Manovich is describing. Shipping containers, glass, steel, and wood are all brought together to create one beautiful modular home. To build these homes, architects use digital design to create the original structure. The digital programs are designed to allow the architects to create these elaborate homes by combining whatever materials they are interested in. These programs have brought architecture into a modular era. 


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