Maria Donnelly: Variations

The quote that stood out to me the most was “New media also allow us to create versions of the same object that differ from each other in more substantial ways.” I think this applies to art because one object can be painted and perceived in many different ways. The object is the same but might have an entirely different meaning to the artwork. Just like digital media allows us to create a variation of the same object, art allows us to manipulate the object to form a specific meaning to the work as a whole.

Artwork can also differ in colors just as digital images can have different tones and saturations. Monet does this with many of his pieces. The object in the artwork are exactly the same the only thing that changes is the colors used to paint the piece. Changing the colors of the work can create a whole new mood to the work. Cool colors suggest more of a somber feeling, while warm colors give the work a more passionate feeling. Just as an artist can do this with paints, anyone can do this using digital media as well.


3 thoughts on “Maria Donnelly: Variations

  1. Before I start my actual commentary I just wanted to say how much your comment on art, and in particular Monet brought to mind Andy Warhol and his prints. That aside, I’m fascinated by your view of Manovich’s definition of Variability and how we both seemed to interpret it so differently. From what I understand, you view the idea of new media having multiple variations of the same concept as a way to further creative expression, you’re seeing it as each person having the chance to put their own spin on an idea. While that is the opposite of my initial reaction, I see where you’re coming from. The idea that each person can make an idea different and their own seems like an incredible way to further creative expression. However what really struck me was when Manovich said “New media objects assure users that their choices- and therefore, their underlying thoughts and desires- are unique, rather than pre-programmed and shared with others”. To me that one sentence seemed to be the crux of what Manovich was trying to get across when talking about Variability. He seemed to be saying ‘the only person with any real control or creativity is the person who initially programmed the media, everyone else is just being given the allusion of control.’

    -Jessica Meloy: Group B

  2. I think your idea is definitely going down the right train of thought, Maria. Yet I’ll side track a bit more specific in what I think the “objects” are: content. Your concept can probably be applied to different things (like art); however, the examples for this idea came to my mind.

    News has been around for a long while, yet digital media has made it reach farther and faster! Youtube has taken visual education and entertainment and refreshed them to great extent. Netflix has changed the TV landscape drastically. And with TV shows like Daredevil, the streaming giant has even changed writing and production for such series. New tech is like different forms of art; one can draw the same thing different ways. I wonder if digital media will create or “house” something, new?

  3. I am another group C student but had no options of other entries with a B comment already. Also, I found Maria’s initial thoughts related to art interesting and wanted to add some of my original thoughts.
    To start out, perspective plays a big role in how we view every piece of the world that is around us individually, and as human beings it can be hard to understand or remember that others will have those different perspectives. That being said, art is one great example of how simple drawings or paintings can be interpreted differently, and how slight changes to those pieces can be taken as extravagant or simply as the viewer chooses. Referring to the quote Maria also used, “New media also allow us to create versions of the same object that differ from each other in more substantial ways.” How extreme is that? Before technology, we all had those different views and perspectives; however, now we have the digital world and things will only become more individualized and personally viewed. I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that the individual is the only one who holds control of how they view their world.

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