The Influence of Media on Public Opinion

”Chomsky theorized that news media was being used to manipulate the public’s opinion towards the outlook of those in power.” ( Sorapure Madeleine, ”Principle of New Media”) Relating to the aforementioned statement is really easy for a person who comes from Honduras. Our government has been corrupt for as long as I can remmember. Our culture has been destroyed due to certain people in power, which use media to control the ideas on people’s minds. The last president made himself seem like the victim, through media. This idea was accepted by all governments including the USA’s. I consider this idea digital since it is far from realistic or true. This idea was completely influenced by the media of Mel Zelaya’s friends. (Last Honduran President. 2006-2009). I believe that people’s mindset is one of the most important cultural artifacts in a country where culture has been taken from us.


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