Lab: The Stolen Time Archive

  1. The entry exercise was difficult using a mouse, but it seems like the minimum cutoff was pretty low so I made it in.
  2. I found it difficult to understand the organization at first but then it became clearer and simple later on. I found that viewing information and more pages and the citations seem simple enough.
  3. My favorite object was the smiling finger tips advertisement. It is scanned from a magazine.
  4. I don’t know what the collage is, it seems to show thumbnails from a couple of the images that I saw, but there are duplicates and I don’t remember if that is the order that I opened them.
  5. The object histories had words on top of words. It seems like the citations for the photocopied collage. The photocopied collage seems to be the same as question 4.
  6. The stolen time is an attempt to give an opinion about secretaries work. It seems like from the title and the images, it is trying to poke fun at what is expected of them.

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