Lab: The Stolen Time Archive

  1. I did not do very well when tracing the symbol during the entry exercise. It made me feel unsure of what I was capable during this lab.
  2. I was completely confused when it came to using the interface. It was difficult and my initial reaction made me unsure of what I would be able to find.
  3. I liked the time piece I pulled up in the archive. I especially liked the quote, “Sell your time to buy the time that other people sold”. It is such a weird quote but to think about the words it begins to make sense. It’s a loop.
  4. I did not get an image on the left side of my interface.
  5. Nothing pulled up when I clicked each tab. I was disappointed.

I feel like I was cheated out of this lab because I couldn’t see anything that the archive took from my time searching through it.

After going through the archive again It began to make more sense and I was able to see some of the cool observations the site made.


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