Lab: The Stolen Time Archive

  1. I passed the entry exercise but still confused.
  2. It was very difficult at first, but then I just decided to click on almost everything. I looked more at the pictures that had less words because the font was so small on some.
  3. Number 1 on Forms called “Time” The colors caught my attention and I liked what it said.
  4. The font is very small but it is a poster that says “Smiling Finger Tips!” but I cannot read anything other than the title.
  5. I see the photocopied collage image and its history, “object history: Underwood Master Typewriter Ad; The Gregg Writer magazine, February 1939.  Scanned Spring 2004. (c) (nd) Underwood Elliott Fisher.”
  6. The author says that the Stolen Time is “a collaborative experiment in the ordering, interpretation, and distribution of a particular kind of evidence. Stolen Time is constructed around a small group of ephemeral materials produced by, for, and about office workers in the twentieth-century United States.” She says the argument is how immersed the person exploring everything and trying to figure things out becomes.

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