Stolen Time

  1. I did well on the entry exercise. It made me feel self-conscious.
  2. The interface was easy. I noticed some of the “exhibits” were repeated, which confused me. The headings helped be interpret the objects I found.
  3. I liked the faculty drills in shorthand penmanship. It says how monotonous office work is. It was cool that it connected to the entry task.Untitled
    x-ref: Production>misc.>magic

    object histories: “Some Facility Drills in Shorthand Penmanship” by Florence Elaine Ulrich in The Gregg Writer magazine, February 1939. Scanned Spring 2004. (c) 1939 The Gregg Publishing Company. “Untitled (1970, Rome)” by Cy Twombly. Oil, house paint, and oil/wax crayon on canvas. 136X159 inches. Cy Twombly Gallery, The Menil Collection, Houston. Gift of the artist.

  4. The collage is a weird hodge-podge of clippings. It relates to the general theme of office discontent throughout the archive.
  5. It was very cool that I got to see all the things I looked at! I see the path I took through the archive.
  6. The stolen time archive seems to be a subversive/satirical commentary on the lives of female office secretaries. It argues against conformity and control.

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