Stolen Time Archive

  1. The entry exercise was weird, some of the images were too blurry to read, and some links sent you to strange images. I do not know what I feel about myself now…
  2. Using the interface was easy. The interface was filled in with various links which sent you to different images. The interface made me try to connect the name of the link to the image presented.
  3. My favorite object in the archive was ”alphabet”. ”production>order” object history: illustration from The Smith-Corona Secretary’s Handbook  by Lillian Doris and Bessie May Miller (Engelwood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Special Edition, 1951). Scanned Spring 2004. (c) 1951 Prentice-Hall, Inc.. This object tells me that archives in an office work are organized by letters in the alphabet. Archives are stored in an orderly manner as well as in office work.
  4. The collage is all of the information you have opened. Hopefully learned something from the information opened.
  5. Photocopied Collage, Object Histories, and Movement Map are all the things you did on the archive put together.
  6. The Stolen time archive is like a game, its argument is to map all of our movements while in the archive.

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