Stolen Time Archive

1. I passed the entry exercise, though I did mess up a few times. I’m completely befuddled.

2. This was a particularly difficult interface to work with, as I had no idea how exactly it was arranged. Discovering how it was working, with the timer and the different arrangement of the content was fascinating, but I’m still very confused. Fascinated, but confused. It made me eager to find what other strange images and articles I might find in the next section of the index.

3. My favorite object was the “How to Abuse a Fountain Pen” comic, that showed in several plates how to damage fountain pens. It was from the Gregg Writer magazine from June 1943, accompanying a shorthand exercise. The scholarly annotations mentioned its sort of self-aware experience, showing what a comic might go through when illustrating, such as “suicidal inkwells.” It reminds me of modern warnings placed in computer labs with cute illustrations, but this is more satire.

4. Not everything I clicked on showed up in the collage, so I realized that what showed up in the collage were the articles that I spent a significant amount of time on.

5. I spent the most time on the “How to Abuse a Fountain Pen” so that’s mostly what showed up in the other tabs.

6. It’s a sort of satirical  view on archives and workplaces, and citicizes the internet as a whole, as it wastes our time and maps our every movement.


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