Stolen Time Archive

  1. My symbols appeared rudimentary, but they weren’t terrible by any means. I’m indifferent to my success/lack thereof, but curious where this is headed.
  2. I explored the interface through trial & error. From what I could discern, there was no explanation for it. This seems intentional. The features, at least on first impression, don’t seem obviously categorized, but are at least self consistent. I’m assuming my movements on the site/exposure to its ideas is somehow a meta-commentary that relates to the concept of the archive itself.
  3. “The Android” was my favorite object. The juxtaposition of the android and the commentary on human interaction depicts the paradox of labor, to preserve some sense of humanity while being asked to be an efficient cog.
  4. The collage collects what we’ve seen thus far, showing the individual pieces in what could be seen as an empirically evolving understanding of what the archive is.
  5. The tabs showed my actions and how I was collected and systemized according to its parameters. There is text and images that I’ve browsed all placed together, blurred and jumbled.
  6. The archive seems to comment on the mechanization of modern life/ labor, noting the tension between this desire for efficiency and the desire to maintain a sense of humanity.

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