Stolen Time Archive

  1. I think I did pretty good since I got in. And I  feel accomplished
  2. The interface is confusing to navigate which makes it difficult. One of the features that I noticed is the timer that can make the discovery a little distracting.
  3. My favorite object/function in the archive is that it saves your every movement and it keeps a history of it on the left side. That feature allows you to go back to previous searches making it way easier to navigate the archive.
  4. As I mentioned in question 3, the collage in the left side keeps track of the content discovered and simplifies the navigation of the reader.
  5. The ”Photocopied Collage” tab only showed the images of my  research, the ”Object Histories” tab shows the information of each image and when I clicked the ”Movement Map” nothing appeared on the screen.
  6. After the discussion in class we came to the conclusion that ”The Stolen Time Archive” is a combination between a game and an archive.

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