Stolen Time Archive

1. I did well on the entry test. I passed my first try. I feel like I have really good handwriting.
2. Using the interface was very different from other interfaces. It was difficult to find a connection between every link. It is clear that the interface is recording my time spend on each image and tracking every link I am clicking based on the timer in the top right corner. I found that every image in some form is related to handwriting or penmanship.
3. My favorite object in the archive is the picture that says “How to abuse a fountain pen”. I found this scholarly annotation very interesting: “the illustrations sought instead to locate the office worker firmly within the here and now, by drawing her attention in obsessively detailed ways to the necessity of thriftiness and to the dangers of even the most minute forms of excess or waste.” This object shows me that using a fountain pen can make work look nicer in the office place, but over using a fountain pen can make work look childish.
4. The collage that has been assembled in the left side of the interface shows the errors that I made when attempting to enter the interface. It does have a meaningful relation to the content I’ve discovered. It shows that I need this interface to expand my knowledge of good penmanship, because every mark on my collage shows that I do not have good penmanship.
5. The Photocopied Collage shows what I did and the Object Histories show what object I had open while I was clocked in.
6. The Stolen Time archive is an archive but also a game. It is a challenge to figure out the logic on which it was constructed. Its argument is to show what an archive is like. It is trying to throw us off our balance that was used to when looking at a normal archive.


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