Stolen Time Archive

  1. I did well enough to not have my numbers be completely orange but I did struggle. Made me wish I had my Wacom tablet with me. Using a mouse makes my penmanship even worse, something I never thought possible.
  2. The interface is incredibly interesting but it is a bit confusing. I am still left wondering what all the images mean. The images stole my attention for most of the time but once I started to investigate the archive I found so much more. Once you start to really look the archive becomes much easier to navigate.
  3. My favorite object in the archive is probably abuse of the fountain pen. I never really thought about how a fountain pen is so important to ones productivity. It had a funny cartoon and it just really stuck with me because of the language it chose to use. It tells you how to abuse the pen which is what you need to avoid.
  4. The collage did not make sense to me at first until I started clicking the lower tabs. Once I started doing that repeatedly I noticed that the images were related to the ones I had just recently viewed.
  5. After clocking out I saw the same images from my collage index in the “Photocopied Collage” tab. What was new was in the “Object History”. This tab had the object histories of all the images from the collage index. Nothing pulled up for the “Movement Map”, not sure why that is.
  6. The archive seemed to be archiving us rather than giving us information. It was more of a game or puzzle. You had to continually search to understand everything that was available.

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