Stolen Time Archive

How well did you do on the entry exercise? How do you feel about yourself now? I did okay. I made it in on the first try, but I personally felt like I could have done a better job.

Describe your experience using the interface. Was it easy? Difficult? What features did you notice in the interface? How did it affect your discovery and interpretation of the objects you found? It’s definitely a different sort of archive. Very confusing at first but makes sense the longer you use it. It is interesting, and therefore makes you want to explore the archive even more.

Identify and describe your favorite object in the archive, including the bibliographic information and scholarly annotations. What does this object say to you about office work? Do you see any correlation with office work in the digital age? My favorite was the “stolen time” piece, with the illustration of the TV’s. It is almost a satircal cartoon on the way we may subconsciously think about time.

Describe the collage that has been assembled in the left side of the interface. Does it have any meaningful relation to the content you’ve discovered? Yes, it shows a lot of what I have clicked on thus far.

Clock out and look through the tabs “Photocopied Collage,” “Object Histories,” “Movement Map” – DO NOT click on “Task Complete” yet (it closes the window). Describe what you see in these tabs and what they say about the content and your interaction with it. It shows many of the things I was looking at, and the test I took in order to access the archive. It’s kind of confusing.

What is the Stolen Time archive? What is its argument? It’s an archive that shows your interaction with the interface. It’s a satirical and ironic archive that is “stealing your time” in order to show you that technology is stealing your time.

Add your answers to the blog using the tag Stolen Time Archive.


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