Stolen Time Lab

1) Poorly. I think a 4 year old would have done better, honestly.
2) The interface is easy to operate, but difficult to understand. I noticed the clock in the top right corner after a few minutes, and finally caught on that the whole point is to literally “steal our time”. In other words, there’s no point at all. So after that, I just kinda meandered around the website, accepting the fact that nothing has any real purpose.
3) My favorite object was the “Mechanical, Doll”. The annotation calls the toy “Miss Busy-Bee the Typist”. This perhaps implies that Secretaries are mindless, busy workers, meant only to record information. The same could be said of computers in todays age.
4) The collage allows us too view the material that has been recorded based on what we have clicked on.
5) The tabs also allow you to view what has been recorded about you. Through viewing that information, I realized how much I truly interacted with the content, and how much time the program “stole” from me.
6) The Stolen Time Achieve proves that we are constantly being watched and nothing is confidential. Even mindless actions are achievable.

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