Stolen Time Lab – Jesse Haynes

  1. I did decent on the entry exercise, but I also would have done better if I would have had a mouse or a touchscreen computer with a stylus – that would have been nifty. I feel confused as heck right now about myself, and life, and this archive.
  2. The interface was unorganized, but intentionally. Or maybe that is just being organized inconveniently, but still organized? I noticed that there was a timer on the interface and also that everything was very vaguely named with no apparent instructions, but that just adds to the vibe of sketchiness the archive gives off. The archive also records everything you view on the left side of the screen.
  3. My favorite object (that I found at a quick scan at least)  was the “How to Abuse a Fountain Pen”. This makes a point (I think…) about the stressfulness of the office work scene. The digital age is ushering in a new way to record information, by using the typewriter and the internet.
  4. The collage we have assembled is the content we clicked in order of viewing, from top to bottom.
  5. The three tabs show how I personally interacted with the information presented, which was really interesting to study and also made me rethink life a little bit because of all the information that was digitally gathered from me over the course of eight minutes and thirty-two seconds.
  6. The Stolen Time’s argument is that the world isn’t necessarily easily categorized and no matter how much we try to impose our version of reality, we should always be wary of connections that aren’t readily apparent. We gained no information from it, but it stripped a lot of information from us. Low-key identity theft.

– Jesse Haynes


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