Stolen Time Lab

1. At first I was confused on what the X’s meant and I though those where just the starting and ending points on the points, like vector points. After figuring out that the X’s meant that you were doing it wrong I felt like this is really challenging to get it 100% right using a track pad. Maybe with a pen and tablet it would have been easier.
2. It was really easy to use the interface and I noticed that if you click on the dog eared pages in the corner that part of the image would show the image in the collage index. This lead me to click on all of the dog eared pages when I opened the image.
3. My favorite object was the abuse image. It was about abusing a fountain pen. It talked about how abuse was generally related to success, but this cartoon showed a different side of this.
4. My collage was very full but it was interesting in that some of the of the images overlapped based on where I looked at them. Some of the images where in the college twice.
5. I see all the images that I click on.
6. It is an archive that watches how fast you click on something where you click and how long you spend on the archive. They are showing how the office worked and what was expected of them. The argument is that in office work you are always being monitored.


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