Stolen Times archives impressions by Mason Bodily

  1. I passed the entry exercise on my first try, I feel confident that I could walk in a straight line as well and say the alphabet backwards but that is the only feelings of confidence I have towards the matter.
  2. The interface was quite easy to navigate and although useless i enjoy seeing the page scroll between the different entries and maintain the entry in the background as you navigate around more.
  3. There is a entry on the filing methods of office workers where they are quote “throwing shit into the cabinet willy-nilly” I find this too be both amusing and accurate as when working with a filling it can sometimes seems as if your coworkers have no idea how the alphabet functions.
  4. I have no idea what the collage is doing, I am pretty confused…….
  5. The clock out is interesting as it provides a quick recap that you can find as you are leaving the archive.
  6. The Stolen Time archive is a collection of a mockery of workplace and mocking the time we waste. Honestly I feel like I am just wasting time as I do on reddit, which is fine with me because I found funny post on both, so that is satisfying enough to me. Definitely some facebook style monterization though.

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