Abby Satterfield, Maddi Meshri, and Maria Donnelly – New Freewoman

1. We picked rage because in the article “Trees of Gold” used the word as a to describe the feeling she gets when she wants to escape reality.

2. Pieces that show emotion were recalled. One of the pieces was “Nana” in #2 volume 1 written by Miss Rebecca West and it was fiction. It was also in the essay “Towards Reconstruction” by Godfrey Blount. It was also in Volume 1 #2.

3. They all use it to describe emotion, but they use it in a different sense. In “Nana” it is used pain and hatred as it is used in “Trees of Gold.”

4. We did not expect rage to be used in a different way because it was until recently that rage was used as a slang term for trends and more than just a simple feeling.

5. We did not find anything.

6. The New Freewoman was more about finding information about feminism and less about understanding the feeling as well as understanding the information about the workplace.


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