Free Woman Lab

Port, Cotner, Leahe

word chosen: spiritual

matched 11 times throughout 5 articles

we chose the word spiritual because we believe it is something that can be connected to numerous articles in the magazine. It is an overarching concept the permeates the concepts in much of the writing.

trees of gold by rebecca west

women’s new era by francis grierson

concerning free love by theodore schroeder

the word is never used in a religious sense, but rather in a spiritual/mental capacity

women’s new era – the awakening of a woman was “spiritual”

golden age – all our thoughts and actions, therefore, should be concentrated upon the formation of a new desire-a desire to realize our spiritual potentialities.

yes we did, our search was intentional and we got our results we expected. we started out nonspecific and found what we were looking for.

we found no pieces containing spiritual within the search queries

both pieces tried to evoke an emotion or feeling, and went into great detail on any given topic.


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