Jesse Haynes, Stacey Johnston, Alex Wade: The New Freewoman

  1. We searched the word “beauty” because Alex reviewed an article (“The Tree of Gold”) and it frequently used the word beauty in many different forms, which could be expected of a feminine activist magazine.
  2. The American Magazine 1910-10 (Vol. 70, No. 6). A story by Inez Haynes Gilmore. Another piece was Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly 1903-1 (No. 1), essay by Gertrude K Ä Sebier. There were a total of 1923 total hits.
  3. Content-wise, the word was dissimilar because it was being applied to a number of topics. For example, in “The Tree of Gold” the word “beauty” was being used sarcastically almost, in an attempt to criticize the use of the term, while in the other magazines it was typically used to highlight the beauty of certain places/people (such as the camera magazine, referring to the beauty of photographs.
  4. With a term as broad as “beauty,” we expected to find a diverse collection of examples and in text citations through the archive, so we weren’t terribly surprised with the diversity of the hits.
  5. “Poetry: A magazine of Verse” was the most frequent hit under the restriction of poetry genre. The publication dates ranged from 1912-10, 1912-11, and so on, at least once a month in one of the poems. In poetry, the word “beauty” was used frequently and in most cases used much more similar than throughout the entire archive (unless it was used sarcastically or satirically – we saw a couple of those.)
  6. Our experience with The New Freewoman seemed much more fruitful than The Stolen Time Archive, the latter of which literally stole our time. Still, the searches were easily tracked, which is a similarity between the S.T.A. and the magazine. Both observe the issues on cultural issues in different ways, and both are hard to navigate.

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