Lab: Word Search New Freewoman (Joshua Lowery, Jacob Lee, Braden Turner)

  1. Ego – could provide link between New Freewoman and the Egoist. It’s Loosey-goosey.
  2. Pieces that had “Ego”
    • The Ego and His Own, by Max Stirner, 1913-8-1 and 1913-8-15, Advertisement
    • Hobbled Minds, by “a grateful reader,” 1912-5-9 Vol 1 No 25. Letters
  3. Saying self or ascribing importance to self was similar. The ad used a more Freudian version of “ego,” and the letter was more psychobabble.
  4. Yes, the word ‘ego’ was being used in a early 20th century, existentialist way. But not expecting it in an ad.
  5. ???
  6. They both offered oblique views into the thoughts of a certain period.

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