New Freewoman Lab

Group of Wolfgang, Tyler, Zach.

We chose the word “Psychic”.

The search found the reading we did, and in two more publications of New Freewoman. They are both in periodical articles. It appears in the article “A New Altar” by Barbara Low in Vol. 1, No. 2. It appears  Vol. 1, No. 8 in the article “On Interference with the Environment” by Steven T. Byington.

In the reading we did, psychic was used more as a “catch-all” for an explanation for spirituality. In the two other articles, they had a more concrete definition for what they were using the word “psychic” for.

This was slightly surprising in that not many authors used the word psychic as many times or as seemingly randomly as the reading we did.

We were unable to find the word psychic in any other genres other than essays.

This is more easy to search things you want. In the stolen time archive, it was impossible to search at all.


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