Word Searches in The New Freewoman – Kevin Kim, Ricky Roacho, Nina Bulling

  1. We chose the word “cause” because the word was used very often and it had quotation marks around it, emphasizing its importance.
  2. When searching “cause” without restrictions the database showed us The American Magazine 1910, The Atlantic Monthly 1910, Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly 1903, and The Blue Review: Literature Drama Art Music 1913.
  3. There really isn’t a lot of leeway of using the word. It is mainly used to illustrate causation. None of the journals or articles use it as the colloquial form of “because”.
  4. Yes, we did. The use of the word was similar in all journals which was to be expected. in one of the articles the word cause was used as a normal, ordinary word, not giving it much importance (The Blue Review).
  5. The word is found more in essays than in fiction and especially poetry because poems are more abstract while academic essays require the inclusion of cause and effect concepts to illustrate and prove certain points and theses.
  6. Both archives deal with research which was the focus of our labs. The archives, however, are very different. The content also greatly differs from one another. The Freewoman archive was much more organized and easier to maneuver.

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