Lab: Distant-Reading The New Freewoman (Jacob Lee, Joshuar Lowery, Braden Turner)

In our initial blog post on The New Freewoman, we searched the term ego to find a potential link between the publication and its successor, The Egoist. Using the Voyant tools, we were able to plot the frequency of ego alongside egoist and egoism, see a relative rise of these terms towards the end of the publications run. The distant reading tools/methodology allowed us to locate a specific mention of egoist, wherein the term was proposed as the name of a new incarnation of The  New Freewoman. In a very real sense, distance reading guided our close reading, and allowed us to locate the specific link between the publications that we were searching for earlier. Also of note is a drop in ego in two issues of The New Freewoman, which were followed by a steady and dramatic rise in the use of all three terms.


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