New Freewoman Lab

1. Which word did you search, and why did you pick it?
I searched contempt. I picked it because it is found clustered in one part of The New Freewoman.

2. What kinds of pieces were recalled by your word search? Give a handful of pieces along with title, author, publication date, genre (i.e. poetry, essay, fiction).
Contempt, Alberto Moravia, 1954, Fiction

3. How was usage of the word similar and dissimilar from that in the June 15, 1913 issue? Use one or two of the pieces you found as brief examples.
Moravia uses contempt differently that The New Freewoman does. He uses it to help define his “exacting attention to psychological complexity and social pretensions.

4. Did you find what you expected? Why or why not?
I did not find what I expected. I did not expect to read about Moravia’s openness about sex and the story of his failing marriage.

5. Now pick one genre (i.e. poetry, essay, fiction, or other) and search the word within it (staying within The New Freewoman). Identify two or three pieces by title, author, publication date. Do you find any more or less similarity in usage of the word within a single genre?
I could not find anything.

6. Since we most recently worked with The Stolen Time Archive, how would you connect that project with your experience of The New Freewoman today?
The New Freewoman lab was much less confusing and easier to navigate than The Stolen Time Archive.


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