Woman key term in “The New Freewoman” as illustrated by voyant tools.

The reduction of the visualization allowed us to read “The New Freewoman”  in a better context of each article and how they relate to one another. For instance, when searching the word “woman” in context of the articles, it is much more prevalent in the second issue than it is in the thirteenth issue. It also allows you to quickly understand why they are that way. When delved into slightly it can be seen that the second issue is related to what it means to be a woman and describing feminism, while the thirteenth issue goes into philosophy that does not necessarily relate to feminism.

As for the program itself it is incredibly efficient in regards to how the former research went. It also demonstrated a much more clear sense of the context of the words and the articles in general.

Emily Steward, Lauren Keterson, Mason Bodily


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