Reading of The Crisis by Lauren, Mason, and Emily

When put into pure quantitative results it is far easier to analyze which issues use the words “negro” and “school” the most. Although this is useful to see the overall context of each issue in a broad sense to see what they talk about, this takes away vastly from the impact of the articles. When put into pure numbers the context of the words is elimated and therefore, the argument is weakened. We gain, however, a much more contextual image of the issues as a whole. The usage of the words varies immensely from issue to issue such as “negro” from the average of 27.59 at the smallest and 71.19 at the most used, while school is 5.49 at the smallest, and 57.47 at the largest. It is also interesting to note that when “negro” is at its smallest, “school” is at its largest. School is contextually used as advertisements for schools or universities, or to raise money to send negros to school. Overall, the words were fascinating to examine and helped us truly and more quickly understand the messageĀ the journal is trying to present.


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