Crisis Lab- Kyle Mann and Cole Welhoff

With The Crisis being a NAACP magazine, we decided to see how often the word prejudice was used throughout many issues. We weren’t surprised to see prejudice being used frequently in early issues. Later, however, the times used leveled off to a lower number throughout the rest of the issues. Comparing volume 16, where prejudice was most used, to a later volume we saw that prejudice was used in a similar context. That context was one race having prejudice over the others. The graph did not give us much evidence why the use of prejudice would decline so much.

The graph allowed us to gain information about the use of the word over time throughout all of the articles. However, the graph does not give us the context on why the use of the word was so prevalent in early issues and not later ones. It only links us to the article and highlight the words We would still need to use close reading to find the context of the whole article.n However, the graphs gives us an idea of where to look (the time in which the articles were written) in order to find the reason for the trend change. Overall it helped us read more examples of the word in the text in less time therefore speeding up our research process.

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