Exploring Gephi: Stacey Johnston, Alex Wade, Jesse Haynes

Gephithing2Gephithing1) We found that Ezra Pound, T. S. Elliot, and Wyndham Lewis were some of the biggest authors we found within the network. There were others listed but these three had some of the biggest nodes. For magazines, some of the biggest nodes were Blast, The Little Review, and The New Age.
2) Magazines seemed to be the most important part of the network since they occupied the largest nodes plus they connected a lot of the authors together.
3) Some of the magazines on the periphery are Cosmopolitan and The Crisis. Some of the authors consisted of Dora Marsden and William L. Hare. Although they are prominent literary publications or figures they do not have many connections in the network. This could show that magazines or authors were too specialized to be prominently connected throughout the rest of the web.
4) We were surprised to see that Poetry Magazine was not a larger node. We had searched the word poetry and found numerous connections yet Poetry Magazine was one of the smallest nodes. The authors in the center of the web were obvious choices since they were popular poets of the time but we had no idea how the magazines would fall. The graph is interesting to look at but we remained unconvinced of its practicality.


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