Gephi-Emily & Mason & Lauren

  1. Clearly from the graphical evidence provided the authors and content in general focus around “Poetry” and then following in order of “The Little Review”, “BLAST”, and “The New Age” to the most prominent authors such as Ezra Pound and Wyndham Lewis.
  2. Magazines seem to be the biggest focus, aside from poetry as a whole, however, certain authors such as Ezra Pound are contributors in so many different magazines that he is cited nearly as often.
  3. Jesse B. Rittenhouse and “The Little Review” are the furthest away from each other, from what we can see from the Yifan Hu, however, this is most likely due to seeing the literature in the broadest sense while a closer reading could show quite the contrary.
  4. We did not find anything unexpected that is because we had no expectations. Go into projects with an open mind, come out a better smarter person. The effect was nonetheless relevant as we were able to gather large sums of information upon initial glance. This is obviously superior to close reading in a time efficiency position.



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