Gephi Lab – Zach Nathan & Wolfgang Ofstedal

My Gephi began having lots of issues, so I am mooching off of Wolfgang’s lab, which will explain my lack of screenshots. Once I have my Gephi working, I will upload pictures and evidence.

  1. Poetry, Scribner’s, and The Little Review are among some of the largest and most central nodes of influence, being both near the center and larger in size than the rest.
  2. The magazines as a whole are more important than the individual authors because they are what link all of those authors together. While the author is only a small bubble, the magazines are a conglomerate of numerous authors and works, making them the an accumulation of all the authors connected to them.
  3. Mercure de France was a magazine that was isolated from the rest of the magazines and authors, although it was quite large considering how disconnected it was from the rest of the group. The authors linked to it have no links to any other authors or magazines, making it entirely self-standing even though it is isolated.
  4. Many of the authors are listed as unknown, which is fine unless you are using a word graphing program such as this. The program considers all authors under the name “unknown” to be one entity, and that results in a large node that represents all unknown authors, instead of each unknown author having their own individual node. While not a large problem, the presence of this false node could skew the results of the rest of the graph.

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