Gephi Tools Lab

  1. Poetry The Little Review, The Blue Review, The Egoist, and Unknown had the most influence in the network (most number of vertices connected to those nodes).
  2. Magazines seem more important in the network, as they generally have the most number of connections. While some authors have several connections to several magazines, few exhibit the same level of influence.
  3. Several authors (e.g. Frank Swinnerton, Denis Browne, Stanley Spencer) have only one other connection to a node. These are peripheral figures in the data set, and have little connection and influence on the rest of the data.
  4. The graph helps demonstrate the interconnectivity of some regions, wherein the density shows how tightly clustered certain authors/magazines are. It also contrasts with those authors/publications that are more isolated. Though perhaps not surprising in this case, the graph coherently displays this information, and is therefore valuable.screenshot_144517

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