I realize I am a little late, but that won’t stop me from sharing my thoughts on the Moretti piece from Tuesday, ha. Reading through this, and also talking about it as a class on Tuesday made me realize how similar it is to the project we just completed for our midterm. As Moretti suggest taking the characters and making a flow chart of them, it seems to eliminate, not all, but a heap of the context. Compare that to text mining and using voyant tools to simply gather the most important information out of a piece. This process eliminates much of the context that the words are surrounded by, but rather helps us gather an overall idea of the work. We can then spend more time close reading the work and understanding more of the context, which is exactly what we can do after making a flow chart of the characters. While initially this piece seemed to be on a whole different level than what we’ve been doing in the past, I think it relates immensely.


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