Araby and Clay

There are several similarities between Araby and Clay by James Joyce. The first one that I was able to identify was Adjectivism. The use of adjectives is important to make the writing pieces more fond and descriptive. This overly use of adjectives gives the reader an in-depth feeling of almost imagining the place in his mind. Both plot structures are very vivid and could actually be a narration of someone’s life. The main similarity that struck me was the lack of control in the main character’s lives. The boy is always looking out for the girl who he doesn’t even get to speak to. While in Clay Maria’s days orbit around the needs of the people surrounding her.

The paths taken by both characters are significant to the stories meaning because they add a sense of disappointment over the character’s lives. Both characters do not seem to have very interesting lives, and that is reflected in the final part of their journey. The boy tasted defeat when he reached his destination and found out that he did not want to go there, while Maria’s failure to gift Joe a plum cake created a feeling of failure over her long journey.


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