Clay Map for Lab by: Kate Leahy, Drew Port, and Austin Cotner

We chose to map the journey Maria took after getting off the public transportation, as she purchased the cake at the shop on Henry Street, and then went back on the tram to go to Drumcondra (the location of the Halloween festivities). What this map demonstrated to us was the length of time Maria would have spent on the tram with the “colonel-looking” gentleman. The insight we gained from this was that Maria had a relatively significant time to become acquainted with the gentleman before exiting the tram. Her time on the tram was enjoyable and thus set the stage for a good evening until she realizes that the man had only been kind to her in order to steal her cake, which upsets her for the rest of the night. Our map alludes to something significant happening between the time she gets on and off the tram, because there is a large distance covered here, which would have taken up a significant portion of her night.


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