My Introduction

What’s up, everyone? I’m going to be honest, hearing everyone talk today was like listening to a conversation in a foreign language. I’m not the least bit tech savvy, but I manage. I’m only taking this course because I need more block courses.

My name is Sara Clarke and I’m a sophomore nursing major. I think it would serve me well to learn about and how to use technology because it is becoming so mainstream in our society. Hopefully this course will help me gain better technological skills. I am motivated, in general, by my competitive nature and my desire to do my absolute best in anything I do. I’m an avid sports watcher and I love to work out. Professional soccer is where it’s at but I watch all sports. I’d like to graduate with my degree and use it to travel around the world to help people. I’ll probably need some help myself from some of you more advanced people this semester. That is all.


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