An Introduction- William Grantham

Hello, my name is William Grantham and I am a freshman CS major. I am by nature a competitive person I played competitive baseball through high school. This competitiveness directs many of my interests. Often I find myself drawn to activities which challenge you both physically and mentally. However, this competitive nature is something I have to check because the drive to succeed often overshadows the more intricate nature of certain activities.

My other main driving force is a sense of justice. This drove me to pursue a career in computer security. The ability which malicious computer users have to access and ruin people’s financial and social lives, as well as to steal corporate data, is something which must be addressed. As computers become more and more integrated into every part of our lives, I see a greater and greater need for more secure technology.

I look forward to getting to know more of you all as the semester progresses.


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