Intellectual Introduction – Audrey Brown

As my Title suggests, my name is Audrey Brown. I am a sophomore here, hoping to major in Communications. And honestly, before our first class, I thought I knew a good amount about computers; but after listening to all of the different complexities that are involved behind the computer screen of my laptop that were discussed in our introductory class, I was very wrong. I am anticipating that after this semester, I will have a better understanding of these as well as how they are involved in society today.

As for the question of what different questions, topics, or ideas form my driving interest, that isn’t an easy answer. Truthfully, I find the most joy in knowing that the people around my are happy. Although this is not really the true response to the question, it does seem to define my interest. Most of my actions are done in the hopes that this is the outcome; if those that are close to me are enjoying themselves, then I am perfectly content.

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