Intellectual introduction

My name is Zihao “Maxwell” Lu, a Computer Science major from Shanghai. My major study direction is Data Science, as we realized, the Big Data is starting become a big deal these days. When I looking for a Block I, my friend Thomas who is also attending this class recommend me this class. Since data science is all about analysis people’s daily habits from the “footprints” the users left after they watched, read, or visited, I believe I will get plenty of benefits from this course towards my study field.

Curiosity is the main factor drives my interest. When I went Tokyo as exchange student last year, I took the Japanese Society and International Relationship courses. I found out I am really interest in these courses, since I do not know anything about these topics. Once I know these topics, I start to wondering what will be teach in next class. I was desired to know more details about these things even they are not in my field. As long as a unknown thing enters my sight, I will be more than willing to dig into it.


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