Intellectual Introductions

Hello. My name is Richard Miller and I am a freshmen in Computer Science. I have been fascinated with technology my whole life and have always aspired to be where I am today. Security is by far my favorite category in CS. Helping people and limiting threats is something that I am very passionate about. I hope to dive into this class with an open-mind to get a better perspective on specific topics in computing.

To me computers are more than just machines. “Computers aren’t the thing. Their the thing that gets us to the thing” – Halt and Catch Fire. For me computers are tools. Computing alone is fantastic, but it’s what I can do with that computing that drives me. There’s always a bigger picture. There’s always an end goal. Computers aren’t the goal. Their just a tool used to get us there. Where? I dunno. Maybe global freedom. That sounds nice. Ironically freedom and security are opposites.


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