Intellectual Introductions

Happy 2017 Everyone! My name is Brandon Hanat. I am a senior at TU and my majors are sales and marketing. Honestly, I had absolutely no idea what this classes was going to be based around other than the obvious. My expectations for this class are to go to class with an open-mind and not write something off because it seems foreign from my perspective.Hopefully, everyone in this class can teach me something new and in return I can bring some value to everyone else.

As stated earlier I have basic knowledge about the application of these scientific principles and practices. The most I use windows for is to update and follow-up on my customer relationship management (CRM) database. Here I’m referring to strategies to manage and analyze customer interactions and data the customer lifecycle with the end goal of improving the business and producing sales. Essentially, you give me a product or tangible good I will sell it at a minimum 9 out of 10 times. I am the guy establishing relationships, pitching, negotiating, and closing what my computer savvy friends are producing. So what drives me? I am driven by empowering people with the highest quality service and and experience. There is endless flexibility in sales, which is what I love and my favorite author is John Maxwell… in case anyone wanted to know.


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