Intellectual Introductions

My name is Nathan Augsburger. I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. Computer security is my main focus, but I’m not entirely sure if computer security is what I want to do yet. I decided to take this course because it looked like the only block one course I would enjoy. I’m looking forward to this course, the topics covered, and the class discussions.

I’m very similar to my parents and brother in that we all think very analytically, enjoy problem solving, and have a knack for computer engineering/programming. I’ve been doing computer programming since around 8th grade, and I’ll sometimes write programs on my own for fun. General curiosity is what motivates me most. Most of my self-taught programming comes from “I wonder if I can make ____ work?” questions. While I wouldn’t consider myself very tech-savvy, I do think very analytically from my programming experience.


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