Intellectual Introductions – Kyle Flores

Hello everyone, my name is Kyle Flores. I am a Freshman studying Mechanical Engineering. I am taking this course to fulfill my block one requirement and this class sounded interesting. I am not the most tech savvy individual but I am hoping to gain a better understanding of the technology we use in our day to day lives and to see what the future of technology means for mankind going forward.

One of my  greatest motivations to learn is my curiosity. It is impossible to know anything in it’s entirety, therefore one should be constantly learning. Along with this, I’ve recently become interested in AI and machine learning. Last year, in a computer science seminar class, I learned about machine learning and how an infinitely recursive learning method, when implemented, could potentially cause a global crisis. At some point, the machine would be able to learn at a rate that is exponentially higher than what we can manage. Once it gets to that point, however, we can only theorize what would happen.


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