Introduction: Bethany Washburn

Hello everyone. My name is Bethany Washburn. I am a Psychology major and currently a junior. Although I use technology everyday and spend a lot of my time on the computer, I know nothing about the inner workings of it. I use technology for things like playing video games and talking to distant friends. Topics such as coding and programming has always been a little intimidating so it would be nice to learn enough to at least understand the basics.

I’d like to think that what drives me is the idea of getting better at something. That drive is only directed towards things I enjoy however. It’s a nice feeling to be able to notice when you have performed better on a task and to know that your work is giving results. This class covers a topic that I know nothing about. I’ll be starting from the bottom, but by the end of the semester, it will feel satisfying to notice the progress I’ve made. At least I hope I’ll make a lot of progress! Good luck to everyone.


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