Intoduction- Shelby Fields

My name is Shelby Fields. I am a junior double major here at TU in music (cello) and anthropology. I speak several languages and I love to travel and learn about culture. I am looking to go to grad school for international law or immigration law at some point, but I’m a pretty open-minded person and I like to take advantage of the opportunities at hand and nothing in my life has ever gone exactly as planned, so I’m up to whatever life hits me with for the most part. I am driven by experience and learning.

Music was never something I planned to do in university but it has been wonderful. I was accepted into a college preparatory conservatory at age 11 where I took part in a heavy curriculum based off of Juliard’s pre conservatory program that had extensive lessons, ensembles, studio classes, music theory and music history twice a week. The saying “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is an utterly worthless saying. I can tell you that I lived and breathed cello until about 10th grade when I went through some serious health issues that played a role in changing my feelings towards my studies. I would get up every morning to practice a couple hours before school, I would skip lunch and practice, practice until I got picked up from school, and practice for four or more hours whenever I got home. I was consumed in the process of getting better, especially since I started relarively late. It was not unusual for me to practice about 10 hours a day, not including my lessons and classes. I don’t do that anymore. People get burned out no matter how much you love something. Not to mention, it’s pretty impractical with TU’s curriculum. Anyway, this program led to a lot of musical success for me in our little town of Tulsa. I have been blessed to meet some of the most famous classical musicians in the world just because of the connections I have made here, and it has landed me a job that I love.

I work as an assistant administrator, and instructor at the bART Conservatory for Music (formerly the Barthelmes Conservatory of Music). Teaching has greatly improved my musicianship and completely changed my perspective in many areas of my life. I also get to organize and take part in fundraisers, concerts, gigs, and outreach. I couldn’t be happier with a job at this point in my development, but don’t worry, it has not been 100% peachy for me- I’ve done plenty of minimum wage retail/food jobs as well.


I am a cellist and anthropologist who wants to do law someday.

Thanks for your time!


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