Introduction – Nathan Williams

Hello all. I’m Nathan, and I’m an IT major and MIS minor here, on my senior year. I’m also a Sales Engineer Associate at RSA Security, under the new DellEMC. I’ve also applied to become one of the first students in University of Tulsa’s Graduate School for the new Masters of Science in Cyber Security. I’m taking this class as both a block requirement and an interest to see how those from all walks of life view technological advancement in general.

I moved to Oklahoma City from Des Moines, Iowa, in August of 2010, and the newfound environment enabled me to better teach myself what I was interested in. Because of many people whom I would gratefully call mentors, I have a wide interest in computers, from computing history, graphic design, digital media, computer networking, to internet security, personal digital privacy, and operating system management. My graphic design skills have enabled me to obtain a special variant of Adobe CC that is licensed to me for life in pursuit of teaching others the creativity one can achieve with computers. Some of my skills are, unfortunately, undocumented because of certain technical and work requirements.

I always have an innate desire to learn, and prefer to work with large amounts of raw information. Regularly I can distract myself quite effectively looking up things on Wikipedia, and reading the daily newspaper. I ask myself hard questions all the time, and I hope this class enables me to expand my own interest and curiosity.


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