Introduction- Willow Kettinger

I’m Willow and I am from a small suburb smack dab in-between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. I am a freshman Graphic Design student. My attention was brought to this class because technology has become more and more of an everyday thing, and our interaction with it has changed drastically over the past ten or so years.

My curiosity is what always drives me (and sometimes gets me in trouble). I always want to try new things. This varies from trying a different way to draw or paint, to spending hours looking up absolutely random things and learning about them. Along with my curiosity, I am a major people person. I love to love others, whether that be talking with someone for hours about their passions, listening to their stories and funny little anecdotes, or being the shoulder to lean on in a time of need. Putting a smile on someones face, no matter how it’s done, is always one of the best things to do.


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