Mathematical Journey

Hello. My name is Courtney Barker. I am a senior studying Applied Mathematics with a focus in Computer Science. I was actually intrigued with this course because it ties into one of my interests, Information Theory. Another interest I have is Chaos Theory which is also dynamical systems, or how to to interpret the world we live in mathematically. I first learned about it while reading Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick. This book changed my life. I learned about how math has revolutionized every other science since the late 80s. One of my favorite sections of the book is the Fractal Geometry and discusses the Mandelbrot Set. I actually have a tattoo sleeve of the fractal design.

I could talk or write about this all day and still would not be able to scratch the surface of my passion towards math. Because I have found my passion I am always encouraging others to live life and take a chance at something, because the worst thing is find out you don’t like it and you start to get to know who are. I like to be as mindful as I can be. Keeps life interesting because I am not stressed about the past or future.


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